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The Oralieve range has been developed to provide relief for your dry mouth day and night.

If you are suffering with a dry, sore or sensitive mouth, explore how Oralieve can help provide you with effective relief. Unlike many other products, the Oralieve range is formulated with bioactive ingredients and enzymes which supplement the natural systems in saliva. All our products are mild in flavour so suitable for sensitive mouths and do not contain any alcohol or SLS which may irritate your dry mouth.

Dry mouth is a condition of having insufficient saliva in the mouth. You may experience a dry mouth in times of stress or when you are upset and nervous but for some, it can be a regular experience and if left untreated can become sore and uncomfortable.

How do I know if I have dry mouth?

It may be that you are taking multiple medications, are going through or undergone treatment for cancer, have been diagnosed with a condition such as Sjorgren’s syndrome or diabetes or something as simple as snoring or mouth breathing at night.

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