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Module 1 – What is saliva?

  • To be able to recognise the components of saliva
  • To understand the role of saliva
  • To be able to recognise how saliva protects the oral cavity from caries


Module 2 – What is dry mouth and what causes it?

  • Define the condition and prevalence of dry mouth
  • To identify the factors that can put patients at risk of dry mouth
  • To develop an understanding of medication use in the UK and medicines that have a side effect of dry mouth


Module 3 – Complications of head and neck cancer

  • To understand why radiotherapy and chemotherapy can cause dry mouth as part of cancer treatment
  • To develop an understanding on what happens to saliva post radiotherapy treatment
  • To recognise the implications of radiotherapy on oral health


Module 4 – Complications of Sjögren’s Syndrome

  • To identify the impacts of the condition
  • To understand the symptoms of Sjögren’s Syndrome
  • To be able to recognise oral health symptoms when suspecting Sjögren’s Syndrome as a Healthcare Professional


Module 5 – Impacts of dry mouth

  • To recognise the physical and subjective impacts of dry mouth
  • To understand the signs and symptoms to look for during an oral examination
  • To identify advice for patients who suffer


Module 6 – Helping patients with a dry mouth

  • To review the questionnaires available to support the identification of dry mouth
  • To identify the clinical signs of dry mouth
  • To provide advice for management of dry mouth


Module 7 – The Oralieve Dry Mouth Relief product range

  • To be able to confidently recommend the Oralieve Dry Mouth Relief product range to your patients with dry mouth
  • To identify the key features of the Oralieve product formulations
  • To educate on the product range and how to use the products
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