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Oralieve Moisturising Mouth Gel is our longest lasting product in the range and is great for night time use to provide you with a more comfortable mouth during the night.  Use alongside other Oralieve products to complete your dry mouth regime.

Bullet point Available in single packs, 3 packs or 5 packs

Bullet point Available on prescription

Bullet point Specially designed and tested with dry mouth sufferers to replicate the same natural enzyme system as saliva

Bullet point Works instantly to relieve the symptoms of mouth dryness

Bullet point Very long lasting – 2-5 hours during the day and up to 8 hours at night

Bullet point Neutral taste – not sweet

Bullet point Good viscosity to enable lasting relief

Bullet point Appropriate for the lips – instead of oil based products i.e. petroleum jelly, yellow paraffin

Bullet point Effective night time relief

Bullet point Contains Xylitol to help protect teeth

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